Let’s explain the pictures first!! For the ghost festival, the background of the pictures is made for special effect, ha ha~~( the fact is that pedestrian didn’t take the camera well…)

Masa is Japanese and he comes to Taiwan for checking the selling of his company product. And Cherry and I, will be his one day tour guide!

As Cherry and I wait for Masa in front of Shin Kong Mitshkoshi department store, we feel bored and start to guess which one may be Masa. After 15 minutes, we’re just tired of this game and wonder where Masa is. Suddenly, my cell phone ring and it’s Masa!! Because this is my first time to chat with Japanese especially in English, I don’t know the ascent and catch no idea what Masa said. I took the phone to Cherry and have her to answer the phone but she doesn’t know what Masa talks about, either. Oh my god!! As I run into this kind of situation, I doubt if I’m an applied English student…However, thanks to my intelligent brain, I figure out what he means: information counter! Masa carries many staff, stands next to the counter and greets to Cherry and me. Masa, wearing casual shirt and short pants, is not tall one but is tall enough for me. (Coz I’m not tall…)

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